BeeTA Technology
"Beetoall" means to cut through the wind and the waves, rain or shine! Since the day it was born, the Beetoall has contained a stronger power of science and technology genes. This power essence has been perfectly integrated into product design, into the riding experience, and into the lives of the new generation of people.

For more than ten years, a rapidly rising brand, a brand full of resilience-the Beetoall, the wind and the rain, the wind and the waves, with the quality of the enterprising, the value of the service, the full interpretation of the spirit of power With the concept of environmental protection, it gradually revealed its edge in the industry, blooming the magic of the sword.
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Extreme terrain challenge, Fanjing Mountain, Taishan Mountain, Qinghai Lake···, strong power technology, witness the most authentic side of the Beetoall; Strongly sponsor sports events, combining power concept and sportsmanship, demonstrating the "higher, faster, stronger" Beetoall; Create a visual feast, start a sales terminal battle, a Beetoall interprets speed and passion, 360° exercises the gene of action ······
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